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Ammonite Crystal Stones


Ammonites or also known as shelled cephalopods were known to have once been the most abundant animals of the ancient seas 425 million years ago during the age of the dinosaurs. In fact, Ammonites are considered to be relatives of today's sea creatures such as octopuses and squids. Ammonites officially died out roughly over 66 million years ago. During the medieval era in Europe, the Ammonite fossils were believed to be coiled up snakes that had simply been turned to stone. This belief gifted the nicknames of “serpent stones” and “snakestone”

In metaphysical belief, due to the longevity of these Ammonites one of the earth's first biological creatures it is believed they promote strength and perseverance. It is said that Ammonites are commonly found to be associated with the third eye chakra as well as the root chakra.

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