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Aventurine Crystals


Aventurine is a style of quartz. Aventurine's meaning comes from the Italian word Aventura which means "Chance". It is usually green. Also available in Blue, Red, Orange, Gray, or Brown. Aventurine belongs to the mineral class of Chalcedony. The stone is named Aventurine because of its irregularly colored glow with stones with markings similar to glass.

Some people believe that this stone strengthens leadership qualities and determinism, stabilizes one's mood, stimulates creativity, promotes compassion and empathy, and eliminates anger and provocation. In addition, those who seek healing from stones believe that it balances the energy of men and women, which promotes the regeneration of the heart. The thymus is said to benefit the gland and nervous system, balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol, alleviate skin rashes, allergies, and migraines, soothe the eyes, heal the lungs, sinuses, heart, muscles, and urogenital system.

Aventurine is commonly found in small amounts in many parts of the world. It is mined in the kaleidoscope color lands of India, the humid depths of the wild and unbridled Amazon jungle, the corners of Russia, and the lush green mountains of Brazil and Chile.



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