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Black Tourmaline Crystals Wholesale


The black variety of Tourmaline is just one of a group of different colored stones. The name of this mineral is a combination of two words, and black associated with color is something that everyone understands. The word is derived from a local word in Sri Lanka based on the Sinhala word "turmali" which is another reference to yellow zircon. After that, it changed to tourmaline. Tourmaline is commonly found in black, green, red, pink, and other varieties. Black tourmaline is a pyroelectric stone that produces electricity when heated. The same is true for piezoelectric, which means it is capable of storing electric charges.

Some people believe that it is a stone that forms a protective barrier. Some believe that the Black Tourmaline is preventing and transmitting negative energies, including electromagnetic radiation from technology in phones, and that it applies to negative thoughts that work to eliminate internal conflicts to reduce panic and anxiety. Physically, those who believe in crystal healing believe that black tourmaline is very helpful in strengthening the immune system and in treating respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, and pleurisy.

The black variety of tourmaline has been found in many places, including Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the USA.



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