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Chrysocolla Gemstones wholesale


Chrysocolla is a blue and green gemstone made of a special type of copper ore. Its color comes from the oxidation process of copper ore. This is a very soft stone. The rich and vibrant blue and green colors of Chrysocolla are reminiscent of looking at space from the surface of the earth. The Greek philosopher and botanist Theophrastus first used the name Chrysocolla in 315 BC. The word is derived from the Greek words Chrysos, gold, and Cola. It shares many visual similarities with turquoise. These stones are often found in combination with malachite, turquoise, and azurite.

Crystal healers believe that chrysocolla gently absorbs all kinds of negative energies and that it can calm emotions and help to understand conflicting relationships. Physically, chrysocolla is believed to help with diseases of the lungs, back, and stomach, which oxidize the blood and help the lungs to function properly.

Chrysocolla can be found wherever large copper deposits occur, such as in Africa, Mexico, and the US Arizona. Chrysocolla from Arizona is a blend of turquoise, jasper, Lapis, malachite, and quartz crystal minerals.



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