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"Clear Quartz is considered to be the most recognized type of crystal, and this is because it is what the majority of people think about when the word “crystal” comes to mind. This crystal is known to be colorless, translucent, or transparent. The name Quartz is derived from the Greek word “krystallos” which translates to ice. In fact, during ancient times, it was believed that Clear Quartz was ice that was formed by Gods.

Clear Quartz begins to form when within an igneous rock when the magma begins to cool. This happens because as it cools down, the silicon dioxide will begin to crystallize which will allow the crystals to grow larger in size. Once the pressure or temperature drops the solution used in time becomes saturated and that is when the Quart crystals will begin to truly form.

Clear Quartz is often referred to as both the “Master Healer” and “Universal Crystal,” this is because, in metaphysical belief, Clear Quartz is believed to regulate, store, release, and absorb energy as well as remove any kind of negative energy. It is also said that Clear Quartz possess the ability to not only balance but revitalize emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental planes in life."



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