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Faden Quartz Wholesale


Faden Quartz is a term utilized for a group of Quartz crystals that are found to contain a white thread or string like zone that runs throughout the interior of the stone. The name faded is derived from the German word that translates to thread. Faden Quartz is mainly found within the Alpine regions of Arkansas located in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Pakistan.

Faden Quartz is often found in low grade metamorphism where the cavities within the rock are expanding. The Quartz crystals that are found in these areas are repeatedly broken but once they begin to heal and regrow this is where the white threads Faden Quartz are known for begin to form.

In metaphysical belief, it is said that Faden Quartz is known as a strong healing crystal that aids when there are disconnections involved. It is believed that the white strings found within the Quartz symbolize a cord that connects the beholder to another person. Regardless of if the split is in the cards, meditating with the Faden Quartz is said to mend not only the heart but the mind as well.



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