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Hackmanite Crystals and Minerals


"Hackmanite is said to have first been discovered in the year 1896 in Greenland by L.C Boergstroem who named the newfound stone after Finnish geologist Victor Axel Hackman. Hackmanite is considered to be a rare rich in a sulfur variety of sodalite.

They can form within a variety of environments such as metamorphosed marbles, alkaline nepheline syenite pegmatites, and extrusive igneous rocks to name a few. Hackmanite can be found in various locations scattered across the world. They can be found in Norway, Russia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Canada.

Hackmanite is associated with the crown chakra and is believed to stimulate mental capabilities as well as aiding in the ability to point one in the direction of their souls’ desires. It is also said that Hackmanite promotes and helps the beholder with prioritizing what to them is the most important and what needs to occur in order to achieve it."



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