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Howlite Crystal Gemstone


Howlite is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, nodules, and occasional small prismatic crystals. Howlite has a porous texture, also known as magnesite. It is usually found in a chalky white color scheme across the black veins. But it may be colorless. Howlite was first discovered near the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1868.

Crystal healers believe that this stone has many benefits. Howlite is considered by many to be a beautiful stone to use when reducing anxiety, stress, and strain. Physically, Howlite is said to be able to absorb calcium into bones and teeth and to balance emotions. They also believe that Howlite helps to access and recover wisdom in the dream state and to bring it back to consciousness when awake.

Howlite can also be found in Germany, Serbia, Turkey, and the United States, leaving its original discovery in Nova Scotia. Howlite is the only mine in the world to be found in crystallized form. It remains a very important deposit in the United States states of California and Nevada. Howlite is known as an imitation gemstone as it can be painted in different colors like semi-precious gemstones like turquoise and coral.



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