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Larvikite is a Monsonetic Feldspar rock from the Feldspar family. This stone is usually dark gray, dark blue, or black. The name derives from the Larvikford area of ​​Norway, where this type of volcano is found. It’s also called Birds Eye Granite, Pearlspar, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Norwegian Pearl Granite, or Blue Norwegian Moonstone.

This stone has many specialties among crystal healers. They believe that Larvikite is a protective and fundamental stone. They also believe that it expels negative energy, enhances our intelligence, promotes creativity and wisdom, and helps us to make rational and calm decisions. Larvikite, among them, thinks that it can be used to eliminate skin defects, treat skin disorders, increase vitality and enhance youth.

Larvikite has been mined continually in Norway since 1884. The Norwegian deposit that has been mined for centuries is enormous. The International Union of Geological Sciences considers the Norwegian Larvikite to be a World Heritage Site. As of 2020, only 22 rocks are included in the list, including Welsh slate and Tennessee marble.



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