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Lazulite Stone Wholesale

Lazulite was first discovered in Styria, Austria in the year 1795 by Martin H. Klaproth. He dubbed the stone Lazulite after the German word “lazurstein” which translates to “blue stone.” Others also claim the name Lazulite derives from the Arabic word “lazaward” which translates to “heaven.” Lazulite is also known by various other names such as klaprothine, blue spar, and azure spar.

Although Lazulite and Lapis Lazuli are extremely similar the presence of cleavage planes is what distinguishes Lazulite from Lapis. Lazulite can be found in various locations scattered around the world. This stone can be found in Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, India, Austria, Sweden, and the United States.

In metaphysical belief, Lazulite is believed to detoxify one’s soul, heart, and mind in order to balance one’s yin yang energies. It is also said that Lazulite possess the ability to aid in removing bad and addictive habits that do not serve a positive purpose.



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