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Mookaite Jewelry


Mookaite or otherwise known as Australian Jasper obtained its name from Mooka Station or also known as Mooka Creek located in Kennedy Ranges, Australia. The term Mooka is derived from an Aboriginal term translating to “running water.” In fact, Mookaite is one of Australia’s most known gemstones. This is due to the beautiful hardness, color, and pattern each individual stone contains. The area where Mookaite was first discovered historically had once been part of the ocean that has long ago receded. Due to this event, tiny organisms named Radiolarian were left behind by the ocean. The Radiolarian remains then ended up absorbing rich iron minerals as well as silica too. With the high concentration of both silica and iron in this area, it ended up producing a version of Radiolarite we know today as Mookaite.

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