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Nephrite is a variety of the calcium, magnesium, and iron-rich amphibole minerals tremolite or actinolite. While nephrite jade possesses mainly grays and greens (and occasionally yellows, browns, or whites), jadeite jade, which is rarer, can also contain blacks, reds, pinks, and violets. Nephrite jade is an ornamental stone used in carvings, beads, or cabochon cut gemstones.

Nephrite-Jade is a protective stone that will change the negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones. Nephrite stone will promote a sense of calm, quiet, and stillness that will make you appreciate and enjoy your life more!

Nephrites are mostly found in China as well as in New Zealand, the Pacific Coast, and Atlantic Coasts of North America, Neolithic Europe, and Southeast Asia.



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