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Obsidian Crystals


An Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms when the molten rock cools very rapidly so that the atoms cannot regulate themselves in the crystalline structure. It is an amorphous object. Also known as a mineraloid. It is also a volcanic glass with a smooth uniform texture. Obsidians are usually black in color. However, it can be brown, tan, or green. Rarely, Obsidian is also found in blue, red, orange, or yellow. Mainly in elemental components or inclusions, it is thought to be due to the change that occurs.

When the most common black and brown obsidian are seen together, it is called a "Mahogany Obsidian". Some obsidian crystallization process does not occur throughout the rock. Instead, it starts at different places within the rock. At these locations, the crystallization process produces radial clusters of white or gray crystalline crystals in the obsidian. These specimens are called "snowflake obsidian".

Obsidian has been used by artists to create masks, small sculptures, and statues for thousands of years. Crystal healers believe that the Obsidian is an excellent crystal that can be used during spiritual or healing.



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