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Opalite Crystals


Opalite is man-made synthetic glass. The name "Opalite" was used in two ways. Its original use was for standard Opel without play-off color. Usually, it is translucent or milky white, but when placed on a dark background it will look blue or sky blue. The mixture of mineral dolomite and metal gives it a distinctive blue sheen. It is also called the ice cream stone because it has a certain amount of cold on the front.

Crystal healers believe that Opalite is a stone with very different meanings for spiritual purposes compared to natural stones that come from the earth. Opalite is subtle but energetic, It is ideal for meditation, Opalite improves communication at all levels, Such beliefs exist among them. They also think that Opalite may help to develop healthy oxygen and lung function within the body.

It is very rare and occurs in opalescent volcanic ash in countries such as Africa and Brazil.



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