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Phantom Quartz Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Phantom quartz is a beautifully composed crystal. This is very clear. The crystals are clean and the terminations are natural and complete. The crystals do not stand on their own. The phenomenon of phantom quartz is one of many wonders.

A Phantom Quartz is a Quartz crystal that has another Ghost Crystal inside of it. The formation of phantom quartz is very interesting. The crystal is inhibited during its growth and this barrier creates a concentrated mineral deposit within the stone. These holographic images are the reason for the name Phantom Quartz. This can happen due to a wide variety of events including volcanic eruptions and subsequent molten liquid-bearing minerals washing on top of the crystals in their natural growth phase. The crystal which got covered with such a foreign mineral left that event inscribed inside it and continued to grow past that event.

Here is a collection of wholesale Phantom Quartz from Andhra Pradesh, South India. Otherworldly and rare, phantom crystals can be composed of a wide variety of materials including sand, clay, chlorite, actinolite, and mica or iron materials such as goethite and hematite.



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