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Stalactite Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Stalactites are structures formed from mineral deposits found in caves. Stalactites range in size from centimeters to meters, hanging from the ceiling and growing in caves. The most common type of this is tubular soda straw. Iron and other minerals combine with plant acids and calcite crystals to add red, orange, and black to stalactite.

As rainwater flows through the cracks in the rock and passes through the organic matter, it also forms Carbonic acid. This acid also passes through the cracks in the limestone. Mineral calcite dissolves from limestone formations in a cave. When this water stored in the rock is exposed to the air in the cave, it releases carbon dioxide gas. Calcite is then rebuilt on the walls, roofs, and floors of the cave. As the minerals increase after countless drops of water, a stalactite is formed.



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