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Stilbite Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Stilbite is a common member of the tectosilicate mineral in the zeolite group. Stilbite has always been considered a minor mineral. Prior to 1997, Stilbite was recognized as a mineral species, but since then the IMA's zeolite subcommittee has divided the mineral into individual subspecies. The most common type is Stilbite-CA, and almost all Stilbites are of the Stilbite-CA type.

Stilbite is derived from the Greek word "stillbe". It means mirror. The name refers to its pearly color or brilliance. Stilbite-NA is rare. Museum specimens of large crystal and Stilbite-CA and of low quality usually occur in fractures and other cavities in basaltic rocks. Andreasburg, the Alps Dophinois, and Norway are famous for their Horse Mountains in Germany.



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