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Tumbled Stones Wholesale


Tumble stones are stones that are polished using rough or raw stones, You put it through a tumbler which is the machine that spins around and around. Various grades of grids and Sand are put in with it at various points. It takes about 3 weeks altogether if it goes continuously but it can eventually you get something like a beautiful polished smooth stone.

They're a lot of reasons we want to use something like such polished tumbled stones. You can use them in so many ways. First of all, a lot of people will just use them decoratively. This is a selection you can put them in a bowl or if you want to wear them you can get a crystal cage you can pop it in. Many people purchase rock tumblers to make tumbled stones as a hobby. There are other things you can do decoratively like for example, using tumbled stones in a flower vase just to make it a little prettier. So one other thing you can use them for particularly smaller ones is they're very good in crystal massage so if you use crystals and crystal massage this is the sort you'd use around the toes on the feet used in small areas around the hand though. So there you go, how to use tumble stones.

The most popular materials used for making tumbled stones are attractive and colorful rocks and minerals that have a Mohs hardness between 5 and 8. These materials are generally durable and accept a good polish. Our tumbled stones wholesale pricing are depending upon the size of the stones and the material from which they are made.



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