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Vanadinite Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Vanadinite is mineral-rich in lead, oxygen, chlorine, and vanadium. It often occurs as brightly colored crystals with hexagonal prisms. It is often found in yellow, orange, red, and brown. Vanadinite is also a small ore of lead. It is one of the most notable minerals. Vanadinite samples from some areas may darken and lose transparency if prolonged exposure to light. Therefore this mineral should be kept away from light.

Vanadinite mineral is truly a wonder of nature. It is a member of the Apatite Group. Vanadinite is a secondary mineral formed in the oxidized zone. It is structurally complex but is chemically similar to erythrocyte, heurite, janchewite, and combative. Vanadinite is often not a common mineral in arid climates, but it is found in small quantities in many parts of the world.

Vanadium and lead are produced wherever Vanadinite is mined. This was rare until large red crystals appeared in Morocco. Moroccan models are at the forefront in terms of size, beauty, and so on. In Mexico, fine brown crystals come from Villa Ahumada, Sierra de los Lamentos and Chihuahua. In the US, Vanadinite is important in the state of Arizona.



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