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Celestite Crystal Wholesale


"Celestite obtained its name from the Latin word "caelestis" which translates to " of the sky." This is due to the beautiful and vibrant shade of sky blue that each Celestite stone and crystal contain. Celestite was first discovered by Abraham Gottlob Werner a famous mineralogist in the state of Pennsylvania in the year 1791. Due to this Celestite is now known as the official state mineral for the state of Pennsylvania. The main source of the world's source of Celestine derives off of the deposits located on the northwestern coast of Madagascar.

Celestine is formed under low temperature or otherwise known as groundwater. This indicates that the Celestine crystals are formed by the groundwater depositing in the mineral cavities of the host sedimentary rocks. Fun fact Celestine is actually found to be used in fireworks due to the ability it has to burn with a bright red flame.

In the metaphysical world, Celestine is found to be best utilized for obtaining spiritual strength and promoting discernment. It is also said that the energy Celestine provides stimulates a vibration that is both calming and soothing. Gem Avenue offers a variety of Celestine for sale from rough to polished, we ensure to give our customers the best quality crystals so they will always be left satisfied!"



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