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Wholesale Crystals and Minerals

Gem Avenue Rock Shop is a wholesale Crystals and Minerals Business supplying to Crystal stores, metaphysical Shops, new age shops and also businesses selling high-end one-of-a-kind pieces of unique minerals sourced from around the world. Many internet-based businesses selling rocks, crystals and minerals on Instagram, Facebook and twitter have also found our product catalog to be priced low, allowing them to make profit by selling them. Several Flea-market, swap meet and county fair-based sellers who make and sell wire wrapped jewelry have made us a frequent stop to shop for their Gemstone crystals in true wholesale prices.

We specialize in the products from India, Pakistan and Brazil. All these three countries offer amazing minerals. We hope to expand our catalog to incorporate over 200 minerals. While we carry several mineral specimens, we also carry spheres, wands, points, pyramids, eggs, hearts and palm stones in several other minerals.

We offer true wholesale prices. We understand that the prices have to be reasonable for you to sell them. We encourage you to compare our prices and be fully satisfied that you are buying at attractive prices. Please keep in mind that the crystal quality also decides the prices. Hence please compare apples with apples.

We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Visit our Wholesale Store and browse our crystal collection. You will find many items that will be profitable for your business. We request you set an appointment before visiting us.