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Epidote Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Silicate minerals that share structural properties; "Epidote" is the name of the most common mineral in the epidote group. The best and most desirable form of this mineral is in the delicate elongated crystals that are very bright and often interconnected. The color of the epidote is mostly green.

Epidurals in granite cutting veins are often seen. In pegmatites, it occurs as monoclinic crystals. Epidote has little use as an industrial mineral and only minor use as a gemstone.

Crystal healers believe that epidote is a strong stone and that it can give a better day full of love and happiness. The epidote is well paired with a few stones, one such stone is Moldavite. Epidural accelerates the conversion process of moldavite. The stone has been found in many places, including Mozambique, Pakistan, South Africa, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, France, Russia, Mexico, and the USA.



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