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Galena Mineral


"The name Galena is derived from the Latin word “galena’ which translates to “lead ore.” The name is fitting considering Galena is known as the primary ore of lead in the world. This lead sulfide mineral is often found within both metamorphic wells as igneous rocks. In Ancient Egypt, Galena was high used, Egyptians would apply the mineral around their eyes in order to reduce the desert sun's glare as well as repel disease carrying flies.

Galena can be found in numerous locations scattered around the world. The mineral can be found in, England, France, Scotland, Australia, Belgium, Romania, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Mexico. The worlds leading provider of the world's lead as of 2021 is Austria.

In metaphysical belief, Galena is believed to mimic a mirror and reflect positive light into the darkest part of oneself and promote courage to both embraces and face the darkest part of ourselves. It is also said that Galena promotes feelings of peace, tolerance, as well as love."



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