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Labradorite Jewelry


"Labradorite was first discovered on the Isle of Paul in the year 1770 in Labrador, Canada which leaves no surprise how the stone obtained its name. Nowadays, Labradorite has been mainly used in jewelry making by being cut and polished into cabochons and faceted beads.

Even today, Labradorite is still commonly sourced in Canada as well as various other locations scattered around the world. Labradorite has also been found in India, Madagascar, Finland, Australia, Russia, and even within the United States. Labradorite has often been found within sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. However, Labradorite is found to most often occur in mafic igneous for example basalt, norite, and gabbro as well.

In metaphysical belief, Labradorite is believed to aid in removing feelings of stress, worry, as well as anxiety and replacing them with feelings of confidence. It is also said that Labradorite possesses the ability to aid the wearer in relaxing for a better night's sleep."



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