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Lava Stone Jewelry


"Lava Stone is a molten rock that has solidified and cooled after it was thrown out a volcano during its eruption. This occurs because once the molten rock is expelled from the volcano it comes in contact with a new cool environment that begins the process of solidification. Lava Stones can come in various colors such as grey, brown, and black as well.

If the stone contains various natural holes and bubbles this signifies that the lava stones are perfect and lightweight enough to be utilized in jewelry. Since originally the lava stones contain a rough and bumpy texture, they are smoothed down using paraffin wax for comfortable wear.

In metaphysical belief, Lava Stone is believed to have a strong grounding that strengthens a connection with mother earth. It is also said that Lava Stone posses the ability to promote both courage and strength during times of change. "



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