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Scolecite Crystals and Mineral Specimens


Scolecite is a popular mineral formed in volcanic bubbles known as vesicles. It is a tectosilicate mineral. It is also a member of the Zeolite Group. Scholesite is named after the Greek word "skolec", meaning "worm". The name comes from the fact that it behaves like a worm when heated. It is closely related to neutrophils and mesolites. Chemical analysis or optical tests may be needed to distinguish scoliosis from neutrophils.

Tertiary basalt chambers in Thergarhon, Berford, Iceland, are sprayed with a thin layer of 8-10 cm. Local discoveries of the Scholesite took place in the basalt of the Antas Railway Tunnel near the Bento Goncalves in large pockets in the chambers of the Deccan Basalt in Nashik and Pune, India. The regions are known for extraordinarily fine crystals from Iceland, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico, and Brazil.



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