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Sodalite Crystal Jewelry


Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral. It rarely forms crystals. Its color is mainly blue, or blue-grey with white Calcite mixed within the stones but it also appears as white, yellow, red, or green. These crystals are a beautiful blue color, so they are a lovely stone to make into jewelry, This stone has a greasy sheen, and most specimens are opaque. Sodalite is found in Canada, Italy, India, Brazil, and the USA.

Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition, along with the verbalization of feelings. Sodalite brings emotional balance. Sodalite balances the metabolism boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies.

Although the hardness of sodalite is low, sodalite is also used to make beautiful jewelry. The most beautiful and flawless blue sodalite is often used for polished carbons. Often used in necklaces or bracelets because each piece is uniquely beautiful. To inspire you, we have a unique collection of sodalite jewelry that looks stunning with beautiful blue carvings.



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