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Unakite Jewelry


"Unakite is a type of granite that is composed of pink feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz. In order for a piece to even be considered Unakite, it is a must for it to contain pink granite inclusions, if it does not then it would just be considered an Epidosite. Unakite was discovered by a man of the name Mr. Bradly in the year 1874. The stone was named after the Unaka mountain range located in North Carolina, which is a state within the United States, where it was first discovered. The more popular form of Unakite is in its tumbled form. Unakite is often used as flooring tiles, stair treads, windowsills, and facing stone. In fact, the most prominent use of Unakite is in the trimmings of the front steps and floor tiles located inside the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History located in Washington D.C in the United States.

Unakite can be found in various locations found around the world. It can be found in Brazil, China, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and the United States. Within the United States, Unakite can still be found in the Unaka Mountain rage in North Carolina as well as by Lake Superior located in Virginia.

In metaphysical belief, Unakite is associated with the heart chakra in order to aid in balancing emotions as well as the third eye chakra for vision. Unakite is also said to provide feelings of both empathy and compassion. It is mainly utilized for alignment, healings, and perseverance.

Here at Gem Avenue, we offer Unakite in a wide variety from stones to jewelry. Our Unakite jewelry is a sure must have with any look for a dazzling pop of color. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality items for the satisfaction of our customers. We are positive that no customer will be left unsatisfied or disappointed! "



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